From the recording Waiting for the Rain

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Drowning In Sunlight- words and music by Zerafina Zara

I know a girl with scars on her body
She says she’s an angel and maybe she’s right
She picks up dream pieces all scattered and broken
She weaves them together an breathes them to life

I heard of a man who was dying of cancer
He liked to look out but his windows were covered in dirt
With his last will he left the hospital money
And with his last breath he said ‘Let in the light’

I’m drowning in the sunlight
Pull me in to the radiant sky
When my breath abandons my lungs and I
Wish the wind would wash over us again
As I’m drowning in the light

I loved a poet I remember her laughter
She wrote plays about healing and painted love at City Mission
When I got the call that she’d died in the country
My faith in the world cracked open in two
Now when I’m in trouble I feel her beside me
Now she’s my angel ,my prophet, my muse
And if you listen closely you’ll hear her, you’ll hear her sing


Let sorrow and beauty wash over me as my angel she sings ‘ Together we’ll be’..