“...brimming with soul and a dash of suitable sultry sexiness,” 
Clem Bastow, Inpress.

Performing Career

Zerafina's career spans jazz, blues, cabaret, pop, session-singing (ever wondered who the demented muppet on the Crazy John's ad is?), rock, Latin, experimental electronica and original music.

In 2019 she danced at the Berlin SalsaCongress with reggaeton dance crew Mfassis.

She studied contemporary dance at universtiy, and had her start in songwriting though spoken word and fringe theatre. She had several works commissioned for the Melbourne Fringe Festival


Zerafina's specialty area is coaching singers, a capella groups and choirs on stage performance. In 2019 she coached signers in Italy and Berlin, and has coached in Singapore through competitions and at LaSalle College of the Arts.

Original Music

(album press release) Zerafina Zara is the queen of soulful, lyrical roots-rock music. Think Joni Mitchell and Aretha Franklin on a relaxing seaside holiday, with visits from Lucinda Williams and Portishead.

She blends soul, roots and rock with blues and alt country flavours and serves them up with powerfully inviting performances.

One of Australia's most talented and poetic singer-songwriters, Zerafina inspired the cream of Australia’s top musicians; from Paul Kelly and Pete Murray’s band, to play on her debut album Waiting for the Rain.

Her creative force has been shaped with inspirational production by Peter Luscombe (Paul Kelly, Rockwiz), mentoring by U.S. songwriting guru Pat Pattison (John Mayer, Gillian Welch) and playing by Bill McDonald and Jonathon Zion (members of Paul Kelly and Pete Murray’s band.) In fact, the song ‘Waiting for the Rain’ was recorded with most of the players from Michelle Shocked’s Australian tour band.

Zerafina’s songs paint images of the sea, fire and wine to explore mistakes made, love lost and love wanted. Lose yourself in the swirling slide guitars and lap-steel on the title-track, ‘Waiting for the Rain’ and dance like it’s ‘New Year’s Day’ to rock influenced tunes.

Be embraced by the lyrical honesty, playfulness and soulful sound of her compelling live shows.

What reviewers have said so far:

"Drawing comparisons to acoustic starlets Lucinda Williams and Missy Higgins, Zara’s sultry vocals, poetic lyrics and subtle emotive elements will capture you from the moment you put it in the CD player – a rare thing in today’s music industry.” Jesse Kuch, The Cairns Post

“...brimming with soul and a dash of suitable sultry sexiness,”
Clem Bastow, Inpress.

“...there is a kind of poetic honesty on display in the lyric department,”
Daniel Z ,Beat Magazine.

“Wow, this girl can really sing.” Ian ‘Molly’ Meldrum